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InvestEd Philippines is a duly registered Lending Company with SEC registration No. CS201629776 and Certificate of Authority No. 2714.
Please remember to study the Terms and Conditions before proceeding with the loan transaction.

Funder Help Center

Do you have an online platform for lenders?

No, we do not have an online platform for lenders. Our lending program at InvestEd is designed so that we are able to work directly with lenders and structure terms to meet financial and social objectives through specialized loan funds.If you are interested to join our community of empowered lenders, you may sign up through this registration form so our team can reach out to you.

What is the minimum amount to lend?

To become a lender at InvestEd, the minimum lending amount is Php 2,000,000. The SEC heavily regulates lending companies and only allows us to source capital from a few lenders. This is why we have to optimize the amount per slot allowed by the SEC. In this regard, it is not optimal for InvestEd to admit lenders below Php 2,000,000.

Can I donate to InvestEd?

Certainly! InvestEd continuously accepts donations and grants of any amount from philanthropic sources. If you are interested in donating, please email us at for a proposal on how your donation or grant will be used.

How much do lenders earn?

Interest earnings for lenders would depend on the deposit amount, interest rate structure and other terms relevant to the loan, although rates are higher than time deposits. We offer flexible terms so our funders can meet their financial goals as we maximize their impact.

Will InvestEd guarantee the return of my investment?

Yes. InvestEd takes liability for all capital borrowed from lenders. This means that no matter what the repayment performance is of our students, InvestEd will make sure your capital is returned.

What happens when a student does not repay?

InvestEd loans are packaged with success coaching so that students receive guidance on personal finance, and repayment rates can be managed. When students fail to repay their loans, action would depend on the borrower’s level of delinquency. For those that are in the early stages of delinquency, we increase frequency and expand channels of reminders through InvestEd's coaches. For those in the later stages, we can contact the student's guarantors or initiate house visits and legal proceedings, as needed, given that students are at least 18 years old and are legally bound to their loan agreements.

When and how do I receive payments?

Upon lending, we will be asking for your bank account where we will deposit repayments on a monthly basis or upon investment maturity, depending on your preference.

How long is the investment term?

The investment term will also depend on the amount and your investment mandates. We offer a minimum loan term of 36 months and also give philanthropic lenders the opportunity to lend in perpetuity.

Have you fully paid any of your lenders?

Yes. InvestEd has a 100% on-time payment rate to its lenders. More than half of our lenders are repeat funders who chose to reloan their earnings into our program

Can lenders interact with your students?

If a lender would like to interact and meet with any of our students, it must first be approved by InvestEd to ensure the safety of our students. But as a general rule, we do not hold interaction activities between lenders and students. Instead, we share success stories and status updates of our students regularly to our lenders.

Can I pull out my money during the investment term?

This would depend on the terms of the applicable lender agreement. Please contact us at for more details on this.

Do I get reports about my students and funds?

All of our lenders receive customized reports about the status of their funds and the academic, employment, and repayment performance of their students.

Do you do background checks on your lenders?

Yes, we perform strict background checks and due diligence to all prospective lenders. InvestEd is committed to Anti Money Laundering practices.

Do you allow Foreigner and/or Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) to invest in your students?

Yes. However, it will also depend on the country where the foreigner/OFW is residing. Please contact us at if you are a foreigner or OFW who is interested to lend to our students.

Does InvestEd have a lending license?

Yes. InvestEd is operated by EDUC4ALL LENDING INC., a corporation that has been granted a lending license by the SEC. Our Certificate of Authority to Lend No. and Company Registration No. are disclosed in our Terms of Use and are also available upon request. InvestEd is also duly registered with BIR and complies with all tax requirements. Our Annual Audited Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns are available upon request for all official funders.

InvestEd is also compliant with the Truth in Lending Act (R.A. 3765). This means that we give full disclosure to all our student borrowers regarding all costs involved with their loan. This includes (1) the cash price or delivered price of the service to be acquired; (2) The amounts, if any, to be credited as down payment and/or trade-in; (3) The difference between the amounts set forth under clauses (1) and (2); (4) The charges, individually itemized, which are paid or to be paid by such person in connection with the transaction but which are not incident to the extension of credit; (5) The total amount to be financed; (6) the finance charges, and; (7) the percentage that the finance bears to the total amount to be financed expressed as a simple annual rate on the outstanding unpaid balance of the obligation.

Does InvestEd need a BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) License?

InvestEd does not need to be licensed by the BSP. This is because BSP is only in charge of regulating banking and quasi-bank institutions. This is according to the New Central Bank Act (R.A. 7653) and Lending Regulation Act of 2007 (R.A.9474). In the Philippines, it is SEC that regulates lending companies. InvestEd is an SEC-registered Philippine Corporation with Company Registration Number CS201629776 and Certificate of Authority To Lend No. 2714