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InvestEd Philippines Hosts 1st Virtual Investee Night

InvestEd Philippines hosted a virtual Investee Night for its student community, as a culmination of its 4th year anniversary campaign, #InvestEdAko.

InvestEdAko (I am InvestEd) is a way to bring the growing Investee Community together in the midst the COVID-19 pandemic, and celebrate the heart of InvestEd’s vision–its Investees (student borrowers).

The Investee Night started with the group looking back at some of the most striking success stories of Investees who took part in the #InvestEdAko campaign online, where students were asked to post their experiences with InvestEd and share how the program helped them with their education and early career.

The winning entry was made by Rodgen Mark Taller, who wrote in a Facebook post, about the difficult but rewarding journey of having to work 8 different jobs before completing his college degree in Accountancy. During the event, Rodgen personally shared his story and told the group how the InvestEd Success Loan Program eased his financial responsibilities on his last year in college and helped him grow into his best self today.

Investees from all over the Philippines, including InvestEd’s first student borrowers who are now alumni (completed repaying their loan), joined the activity to virtually meet and re-connect with fellow Investees and the entire InvestEd Team.

The night was packed with interactive games and a student talk back session with InvestEd CEO, Carmina Bayombong, who shared InvestEd’s own highs and lows throughout its 4 year journey in the education financing industry.

Conversations followed as Investees’ raised questions on how InvestEd managed to adjust its services in the pandemic and how students can become advocates of the student loan community in the Philippines.

Carmina giving a talk

Since the pandemic started, InvestEd’s COVID-19 response has consistently been–to put its students first and develop smart, flexible loan products that suit the students’ emerging education needs.

Invested timeline 2016 until 2020

InvestEd now offers multiple education loans from tuition, gadget, rent to allowance, designed to support the Filipino student and their families in this time. Built in the loan is a career coaching service for students to help them achieve success from education to adulthood and early career.