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InvestEd Philippines is a duly registered Lending Company with SEC registration No. CS201629776 and Certificate of Authority No. 2714.
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InvestEd ties up with Kinobi to further prepare Investees for employment

Anchored in its mission of empowering under-resourced youth in their journey from education to adulthood, InvestEd offers a holistic approach that guides students all the way to employment. This, as the globally acclaimed impact business understands that students need more than just capital for tuition and other educational needs to succeed.

On top of its financing program, InvestEd provides a free coaching program that equips students with necessary competencies by teaching them valuable skill sets, from finding a decent job to handling their first paycheck. This completes the success essentials—or three C’s—that the company offers, along with community for socioemotional support.

“Although access to education is fundamental, hearing more lectures does not guarantee success. To succeed, our students must have reliable tools that reinforce knowledge and belong in an empowering community of practice,” InvestEd President and Co-founder Ro Replan said.

In a bid to boost its capacity to guide students through employment, InvestEd has partnered with Kinobi Philippines to give Investees access to digital career tools. These tools include an automated resume builder, a common career question bank, and video-based courses, which are all curated to bolster students’ readiness for employment.

“We envision Investees to have all the products and services they need in order to thrive in the decade-long journey towards adulthood. One of the more difficult parts of this journey is career development, which involves navigating the ambiguous rules of job search,” Replan added.

“This partnership aims to empower Investees to achieve success in their chosen career paths. Combined with our digital career tools and InvestEd’s success loans, we seek to uplift young Filipinos to the next stage of their growth,” Kinobi CEO and Co-founder Benjamin Wong said.

To date, InvestEd has provided loans to thousands of students from about 400 schools. And the success of its services immensely reflects on the employability of its graduates. On average, InvestEd graduates have a job placement rate of 64 days, way faster than the national average of 180 days. Their average salary is also 43% higher than Metro Manila’s minimum wage.

With this partnership, InvestEd hopes to continue—and even exceed—the success of its programs for future Investees.

“With these tools, our Investees can experience fewer rookie mistakes and instead, focus on securing the best opportunities available to them,” Replan said.

About InvestEd Philippines

Invested envisions a world where every young dreamer has no barriers to success. Its high tech, high touch program provides under-resourced youth with capital for education, life skills coaching, and a supportive community. A globally awarded impact business, InvestEd has helped thousands of low-income Filipino youth increase their income and navigate success in a fast changing world.

About Kinobi Philippines

Kinobi is a digital career accelerator platform, organized and registered in Singapore, that provides education, access to network, and branding for people to attain their dream careers. Kinobi is currently operating in five countries across the Asia-Pacific region – Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Australia, and Philippines, through its products and services, such as, and its service offerings of coaches, webinars, and other career services.