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Power-Up Students for Online Learning through InvestEd x Lazada Gadget Loans

As another enrollment season begins, InvestEd is committed to fulfill its promise to help the Filipino student reach their dreams, no matter the conditions and even in the toughest situations. To this end, InvestEd is launching its new campaign to bring gadgets to college students and reduce the predicted 70% drop in the enrollment rate this school year as classes shift online and schools prepare for distance learning.

Partnership with Lazada: Bridging the tech gap in education in this pandemic

InvestEd partners with Lazada to support the current push to tech up the education system and bridge the technology gap between the student and the online learning platform. Through this partnership, students are able to apply for education funding through an InvestEd Student Loan and easily access laptops, tablets, mobile phones and mobile internet needed for school from the Lazada app.

The initiative aims to provide college students a convenient, safe and hassle-free way to purchase the tech they need and broaden their options for work in this rapid transition into a digital economy.

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Tech as a Tool for Opportunity in Education

As life has not brought you any negative emotions until you’re 20 or 25, you do not want them to hit you. But, to be an adult, you should be ready to handle negative emotions. Tough patches in life are common and you are not the only person facing them. Adults will always be ready to handle and come out of negative emotions.

Remember that adulting is not a destination. But, it is a life journey. People continue to learn things in their life and your interest in learning can make you a better adult. So, get ready for a wonderful life ahead with these tips!

InvestEd and Lazada aims to help three stakeholders through this project:

1. Students

By enabling more students to participate in the online/distance learning ecosystem triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and opening a safer and more convenient way for students to get access to laptops and gadgets for their online learning needs.

2. Schools

By helping schools with their cash flow by providing more education financing opportunities for students in COVID-19 and create financial security for students who are unable to support their education

3. Filipino families

By alleviating the burden of education financing from family breadwinners and create alternatives ways for students to support their education

Student Loans for Inclusivity

Student loans in the Philippines is not a new thing. Many loan programs have been launched by past government administrations and private companies have also tried to enter the student loans market in the country. As an industry, it has grown very slowly in the past, but through the influence of technology in financial systems, it has recently become a more popular means for education financing as a means to democratize education.

With InvestEd’s Success Loan Program, students across socio-economic fronts, can focus on their education and reach their dreams through a Study Now, Pay Later platform. Additionally, as an effort to support the health and agriculture sector — which are now large contributors to the fight against COVID-19 through quality healthcare and food security, priority screening will be being given to students studying Medical/Medical-Allied courses as well as Agriculture-related degree programs.

Students also get more value out of their InvestEd loan as all of its Investees (InvestEd’s Student Borrowers) are automatically enrolled in InvestEd’s success coaching program which helps students become the best version of themselves as they navigate through the graduation to employment process.

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